Arctic Frontier
A land shimmering with the crystalline allure of icebergs and dancing auroras, the Arctic is graced with inuksuit, ancient stone structures, some as old as the monuments of Stonehenge. The beauty of these attractions, ice, aurora and stone, find their way into my creations of digital light and sculpture where love of place and a concern for fragile environments are of paramount importance. The Arctic is a sacred land where few have ever been and others can only imagine.

Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain | video

Mountains are mystical wonders of the world
with ancient stories told in sediment and stone...

Care for Me
Care for Me | video

Care fo Me honours wildlife, wilderness and
the well being of our planet...

title: Ice End
Ice End | print

“Hidden in wonder and snow, or sudden with summer
This land stares at the sun in a huge silence
Endlessly repeating something we cannot hear.
Inarticulate, arctic,
Not written on by history, empty as paper
It leans away from the world
With songs in its lakes
Older than love,
And lost in the miles.”

Francis Reginald Scott in Northern Review

Cry of the wild
Cry of the Wild | video

Cry of the Wild honours wildlife and wilderness
and invites us to become more intimately connected
with the preservation of Nature.

Fragile Arctic: Broken Silence / Broken Earth
Fragile Arctic: Broken Silence / Broken Earth | video

A Visual poetic narrative of the changing environment
and the effects on the culture of the Polar regions by Bill Zuk

I am Arctic
I am Arctic | video

title: Ice Flow
Ice Flow | print

title: Ice Break
Ice Break | print

title: Inukshuk Glow
Inukshuk Glow | print

title: Inukshuk Look
Inukshuk Look | print

title: Caribou Migration
Migration | Print
National Art Education Association, New York
Juried Exhibition

title: Ice Bear
Ice Bear, Northwest Passage | print

title: Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun | print

title: Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon | print

title: Ice Bear
Ice Bear | print

title: Sky Orca
Sky Orca | print

title: Ice Discovery
Ice Discovery | print

title: Ice Seals
Ice Seals | print