Millennium Time Capsule
Dedicated to children from the last century, the millennium time capsule contains memorabilia and will be opened in 100 years in 2101. The capsule represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of children. It also symbolizes their playfulness, wonderment and being loving, curious and imaginative. Moreover, it is about the magic of hearing a melody for the first time and dancing for joy, or being initiated into the mystery and awe of the first star twinkling in a night sky, or discovering that a sensuous crayon mark makes a happy face. In many ways the millennium time capsule is a reflection of ourselves and the need to keep our passion for life and learning, and respect for one another alive and well.

title: Millennium Time Capsule
Time Capsule | h 3m | polychrome and stainless steel
Permanent Installation, University of Victoria
Victoria, BC 2000

title: Celebrating Light
Celebrating Light | 16" x 20" | print

title: Cosmic Delight
Cosmic Delight | 16" x 20" | print
Honourable Mention, National Art Education Association, Miami, FL 2002

title: Magic Moment
Magic Moment | 16" x 20" | print