Our Role in Creating Change

iD2 Communications Inc. believes that it is time for communicators to use the powerful tools our industry supplies for the greater good. As communicators, we have the power to raise awareness for environmental and social issues and help people make meaningful changes in the way they live their lives.

What We Believe

iD2 Communications Inc. works under the understanding that we are part of an interdependent world, that all living beings must be treated with respect and consideration and iD2 conducts itself accordingly. To this end, iD2 has created the following statement of values that guide its operations and that of its staff and associates. Please contact us should you wish to discuss this policy.

iD2 Statement of Values

iD2 staff and associates believe that every life form has value. We are guided by the following principles and choose to work with clients who,

  • treat all living entities with respect and consideration including animals, fish, reptiles, birds, insects and plants
  • protect and reduce their impact on our resources and the natural environment
  • research and develop environmentally progressive technologies
  • protect, maintain, and restore places of cultural and spiritual significance through compassion, understanding, leadership and courage, protect and guarantee fundamental human rights for all including the right to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly
  • encourage diversity and denounce racism and exploitation
  • uphold the right to dignity, physical health, and spiritual well-being and recognize the ignored and undervalued and try to help them to live their human potential and pursue their aspirations
  • affirm the right and ownership of Aboriginal peoples to their knowledge, lands and resources
  • promote arts, culture and science as essential components to sustainability
  • promote a culture of tolerance, nonviolence, and peaceful resolution
  • nurture and promote healthy ways of living
  • encourage the use of locally produced and sustainably developed products and services
  • act in the interest of the public good and lead by example
  • support sustainable resource use, environmental protection, and progressive labour standards including safe and fair working conditions
  • share knowledge, experience and opinions with those interested in promoting a sustainable way of life
  • demonstrate accountability and transparency in its policies and practices and assume responsibility for its actions
iD2’s Vision

To provide communications services to our clients through an inclusive, respectful and innovative business model. We wish to reduce the impact on our environment and community by using sustainable tools while helping our clients meet their communications needs.

iD2 Promises Our Global Community That We Will:
  • promote peace, happiness, health and well-being for all
  • embrace diversity and difference
  • reduce the impact we have on our environment
  • be earnest, honest and truthful in our endeavours
  • enjoy our work as a part of life
  • treat all life with respect and honour
  • provide a resource for others
  • take responsibility for our actions
  • strive to better ourselves and our work
  • play a meaningful role in our community
  • review our environmental and social impacts regularly

Our Clients See the Bigger Picture

Our clients are helping to build a better world by reducing waste and pollution, by being leaders in their industries, by educating the public and by truthfully walking the talk. We honour and support them.

Responsibility for our Revenues

In 2002, iD2 instituted a formal change to its policies, which resulted in declining business with those in the following industries unless they can demonstrate that their practices and processes and those of their major suppliers support sustainability, peace and well being for all:

  • Alcohol
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Automobile/Airline/Cruise Ship
  • Oil & Gas
  • Forestry Companies
  • Non-renewable Resource Industries
  • Gambling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Land Developers
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons / Mining / Nuclear

Client requests are vetted on an individual basis. In addition, iD2 approaches with caution those industries that may use dangerous and toxic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides; may compromise the safety, health and welfare of our communities or those in other parts of the world; are profiting from the industries listed above; and whose revenues are derived from the military or who have benefited in any way from war.