Bill Zuk
artist, academic, jeweler, teacher, curator, writer
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Bill is an accomplished digital artist, printmaker and sculptor who has spent decades exploring and recording his ideas in a wide range of media. His experiences living on the prairies, in Arctic Canada, and the Pacific Northwest Coast of British Columbia are evident in his use of colour, form and theme.

With over 200 published artworks, commissions and exhibitions, Bill is recognized internationally; his artwork has appeared across North America, in Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia.

After the completion of a Bachelor's degree (B.Ed Fine Arts), Bill began a teaching career among the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic and then a Tsimshian village in coastal British Columbia. Impassioned by a desire to learn about the art and culture of indigenous people, he co-authored a series of textbooks with Don Bergland and Bob Dalton that compared traditional and contemporary art forms.

Garnering a Master's degree (M. Ed) in 1970 from the University of Alberta, and a Ph.D in 1974 from the University of Oregon's School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Bill moved from the University of Manitoba to the University of Victoria where he became an Art Professor at the University of Victoria. In 1989, he partnered with Paul Marcano to develop a piece of software called the Pictorial Continuum that transforms digital images in unique ways using artificial intelligence.

Bill continued to explore how traditional methods of relief printmaking could be married with the digital art form. He also continued to explore "the illuminative qualities of digital light" and during the 1994 Commonwealth Games,

Bill's "Light on the Turret" exhibit was hosted in a special exhibition at the University of Victoria and in Borneo.

Bill is a prolific artist. His home is filled with projects in various degrees of completion as he experiments with playful and interactive three dimensional forms infused with elements inspired by luminous qualities of light.

Throughout Bill's career, he has always given back. Through the 90s, he continued to write texts to further support the artistic heritage of First Nations peoples. He continues to serve on art juries, as well as contributing to provincial, national and international publications. He is curator for the British Columbia Art Teachers' Art in Public Places program at the Ministry of Education in Victoria, the co-editor of the BC Art Teacher's Journal and is a Board member of the Victoria Visual Arts Legacy Society [ VVALS ].

Bill is Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria. No stranger to collaboration, he partners with other artists while continuing to create his own unique digital artwork, sculpture and film.