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64 artists from 33 countries, selected for its imaginative qualities and intimate connection to 'The 'Magic Flute' by Amadeus Mozart more

Silent Voices -
Are you Listening?

Article by Bill Zuk in BCATA Journal for Art Teachers
Vol. 63 No.1 2021 read here

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2nd edition. As a culmination of the co-produced film ‘Mystic Mountain’, this inspiring collection of images and poetry ... more

40th AE Faculty 'zine

UVic's 40th annual Art Education Faculty Exhibit ... more
Bill Zuk, Victoria, BC Canada

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Bill Zuk
sculpting with light
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Sculpting With Light

The wonders created by light are often stunning but we sometimes take their beauty for granted. Light engages us with its glow of spectral energy emanating from twinkling, radiant stars   ...more


William (Bill) Michael Zuk (B.Ed. Visual Arts; M.Ed.; Ph.D.) is Professor Emeritus in art education at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. An award winning multimedia artist with numerous honours and distinctions, his digital imagery, printmaking, sculpture and film have found their way to the national and international stage on many occasions. ...more